Megan McKenna Reveals She Was ‘Absolutely Buzzing’ To End TOWIE Filming

'I needed the break, you don't understand how happy I was'

It’s safe to say that Megan McKenna did not shy away from drama in the last series of TOWIE.

In fact, pretty much the entire series revolved around brunette beauty splitting from on-off boyfriend Pete Wicks.

So we guess it’s no surprise that she’s now revealed that she was VERY happy to be saying goodbye to her co-stars for the next few months.

Megan tells OK! Online: ‘It’s a shame – I get on with a lot of the cast but this series was so bitchy, it was the bitchiest series I’ve ever done, even over other shows I’ve done like CBB and Ex On The Beach – all of them, it s**** all over that.

‘I felt like this series, there were a few people that were really supportive but it’s very clear who I don’t get on with, and I just thought: “Why can’t they just let me get on with my life, why do they have to get so involved?”’

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Megan went on to discuss her BFF and TOWIE newcomer Amber Turner. She addressed those finale scenes, which showed Amber looking pretty gutted at ex-fling Dan Edgar’s birthday bash – when HIS supposed ex-fling Lauren Pope showed up… (It’s hard to keep up, isn’t it?).

Apparently, Amber’s mood actually had nothing to do with Lauren.

‘She found it hard coming to the end of the series… I think it looked like she was upset in a lot of the clips at the end and she was, but it was a mixture of things – it wasn’t to do with Lauren Pope,’ says Megan.

‘It was to do with other people, and she’d had a bit of an argument with some of the people. They can’t show everything because they’ve got to fit everything into an hour.’

Megan’s also confessed her relief when it came to filming the this series finale, saying: ‘I needed the break, you don’t understand how happy I was.

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‘I turned up to filming with Amber and we just had such a good day. Normally I’m worried about what’s going to happen, who I’m filming with and if there’s going to be arguments, and normally I’m really stressing, but I was so happy, and just kept thinking: “Oh my god I’m not going to see some of these people for at least three months, I’m absolutely buzzing!”

With all that dramz, we’re not surprised!

By Emily Jefferies