Megan Fox Is Replacing Zooey Deschanel On New Girl!

Yep, the 29-year old actress, Megan Fox, who rose to fame in the Transformers action films, has signed on to star in the fifth series of hit comedy show New Girl, scheduled for release next year. 

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress is replacing its lead star Zooey Deschanel – who is taking her maternity leave, after she welcomed her first child with her husband Jacob Pechnenik last month.

> Zooey Deschanel in New Girl


And we’ve got all the goss for what’s in store next series. Jess is set to leave from the show after the fourth episode of the fifth series, as she is sequestered for jury duty. Megan’s character, Reagan, is described as a “gorgeous, straight-shooting pharmaceutical sales rep who comes to town on business.”   

“It’s insane to me that such a gorgeous person can be so funny, but I guess we just all have to accept it,” said executive producer Liz Meriwether. “I’ve been a fan of her comedic skills since This is 40, and I’m so excited to have her on the show.  We had Megan in mind when we wrote this part – she’s the perfect person to come in and shake these guys up.”

But it’s not Megan’s TV debut, remember her turn as a spoilt teenager on the family comedy Hope and Faith?   

And we can’t help but feel that throwing herself into her work will keep her mind off her relationship woes, after recently splitting from her partner of 11 years, Brian Austin Green. The couple married in 2010 and have two children together, Noah aged two and 18 month-old Bodhi.

It appears Fox is ready to make a comeback and is picking up where she left off in the social media world as well. The same day as her return to TV was announced she uploaded her first photo to Instagram in 23 long weeks. The photo, a beautiful black and white selfie, is captioned ‘Hi. I’m still here, I just continue to have an angsty relationship with social media,” she writes. “But what better way to express my apprehension than with a selfie. This time in black n white!’

We’re eagerly awaiting her arrival but will the show really be the same without our beloved Jess?

By Emily Martin