Is A Mean Girls Sequel Finally Happening?

We have everything crossed.

Try and hold it together because we have some VERY exciting news. A sequel to one our favourite noughties movies is looking highly likely. Happy Friday y’all! Or as the plastics would say: ‘How fetch!’

The rumour mill went into overdrive last week when Lindsay Lohan shared a throwback snap of her and her co stars Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert (aka Regina and Gretchen) from 2004. Yep, the fact that Mean Girls is 12 YEARS OLD makes us feel ancient too.


LiLo captioned her #tbt pic  “#tbt @rayannemcadams @thereallacey #meangirls @markwatersfilm miss you all… sequel?”

While this certainly got our hopes up, we all know a Mean Girls 2 can’t happen without McAdams. Something we assumed was highly unlikely. Mean Girls was McAdam’s breakthrough role but the actress has gone on to star in critically acclaimed flicks such as Spotlight and been nominated for an Oscar. However, drum roll please, the star has confirmed she is totally down for revisiting the role of Regina.

When asked about the possibility of another Mean Girls McAdams replied, “Sure”.

“I mean, yeah! I loved doing that movie. I loved Tina Fey, I loved the girls.”
Could 2017 be the year? We really hope so!