A Mean Girls Musical Is On The Cards

Your prayers have been answered – Mean Girls is being turned into a musical! Yep, you heard us right, Regina, Cady, Gretchen and Karen (a.k.a the plastics) are coming to the stage.

The film that brought us classic moments like this…


and lines like this…


is being turned into a stage production! In the words of Gretchen Wieners: ‘That is so fetch’….

There have been rumours about a second film or a musical version of Mean Girls ever since the first film wrapped nearly twelve years ago (nope, we can’t believe it’s been that long either). However, this is the first time we’ve had official confirmation of a follow-up project, and the news came from the very top.

> “On Wednesdays we wear pink”


Tina Fey – who wrote the screenplay and starred in the original movie – revealed the big news at a press conference this weekend. Fey was promoting her new film Whiskey Tango Foxcroft when an audience member asked her if she was planning a Mean Girls Musical.

“Yes,” she said. “It is still happening. It’s only… years away,” she joked. Not too long away we hope…

‘My husband, Jeff Richmond and I, along with Nell Benjamin, have been working on it,’ Fey revealed.

It therefore sounds like the musical will be in good hands. Fey’s husband Jeff Richmond is a composer who has worked on the likes of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live, whereas Nell Benjamin is the lyricist who transformed Legally Blonde from a movie to a musical.

> The famous Jingle Bell Rock scene from the movie…

Now we’ve got the official go ahead from Fey herself it’s time to get excited about what the musical might entail. Jingle Bell Rock will surely be on the set list, and we can only hope that they somehow manage to make a song out of Kevin G’s rap.

What would you like to see in the musical?!