Mean Girls Fans, We Are About To Make Your Monday

Lindsay Lohan has us pulling out our pink sweaters (ready to wear this Wednesday, obvs) and sharpening our catty claws as the actress has revealed a Mean Girls reunion could be on the cards. Eek!

The girls that gave us fashion for each day of the week, the crueler-than-cruel Burn Book and the raunchiest performance of Jingle Bell Rock ever to be recorded in Christmas history might be getting back together to do it all over again. 

Hinting at a possible sequel to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the 27-year-old actress, who played safari-girl-turned-lipgloss-b*tch-and-back-again Cady, said: “I saw Tina, and she mentioned maybe doing some sort of reunion.” 

Is this not the best Monday news we could have provided you with? It’s been 10 years since Karen used her chest to predict the weather and Regina George filled us with rage and to be honest, we miss her, just like TV host Jimmy and leading lady Li-Lo. 

The two took part in some serious mutual appreciation as they talked about writer Tina Fey’s hilarious chick flick, agreeing getting the plastics back together would be “very important” and needs to happen. 

We are TOTALLY with you, guys. How else are we going to help Gretchen finally make ‘fetch’ happen?

By Claire Blackmore

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