Me Before You: Why We Can’t WAIT For This Film

Right we know there are A LOT of good films out this year (hello Ab Fab, oh hiya Suicide Squad) but there’s one film we’re eagerly anticipating more than any other: Me Before You. And now the extended trailer has been released showing us it’s everything we want it to be – and more!

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Why? Well, for one it’s a proper romantic film that’ll make you cry into your popcorn. And sometimes all we need is to gather our best mates, sob into some popcorn and come out feeling new again.

But there are also plenty of other moments that are going to make this movie GREAT.

It’s Got Sam Claflin At His Most Charming

Oh he’s got that sexy eyebrow raise down to a tee. Hunger Games’ Sam plays Will Traynor, a wealthy man who once enjoyed life to its absolute fullest but then was permantly disabled by a tragic accident. He encourages Louisa (played by Emilia Clarke) to start embracing the life she has, with some seriously memorable, and beautiful lines.

We Get To Watch Our Fave Book Come To Life

JoJo Moyes’ novel of the same name was a best seller (and a total LOOK favourite) and we can’t wait to see some of our favourite scenes play out on the big screen. Yep, that includes the classic ‘red dress’ moment and bumblebee tights.

We Can SO Relate

Louisa is a lost 20-something, whose parents always compare her to her older sister Treena, who has just lost her job. We’ve all been in that situation where we don’t quite know who we are or where we’re going, and watching Louisa find herself sends off some serious feel-good vibes.

Our Ultimate Crush Is In It

The extended trailer has shown Matthew Lewis (AKA Neville Longbottom) looking fitter than ever – playing Patrick, Louisa’s fitness obsessed ex.

4, The Chemistry Is Sizzling

The romance between Will and Louisa makes us believe in true love. They just get each other.

5, The Quirky Fashion

Louisa is known for her wild and wacky fashion – and costume designer Jill Taylor nails her individual style. Expect colourful shoes, cute dungarees and clashing tights.

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Me Before You is out on June 3rd 2016