Tom and Giovanna found a very novel way of announcing their exciting news

McFly’s Tom Fletcher Makes One Very Cute Announcement…

McFly‘s Tom Fletcher has found the most genius way to announce that he is about to become a dad for the first time – by declaring it on a pumpkin. Yep, you heard us right…

The 28-year-old famously shared his wedding speech on YouTube last December after singing his way through his super-cute vows – and now Tom’s continued McFly’s love of big fat YouTube-related romance stunts by announcing his and wife Giovanna’s exciting baby news online.

Uploading a video captioned ‘Sometimes the best way to say something is with a pumpkin… and a song’, Tom and his other half are first seen getting Halloween-ready at their kitchen table.

After plenty of slicing and scooping, the cute couple then turn out the lights and spin their pumpkins round to spell out a very special message: ‘We’re having a baby’, read the parents-to-be’s adorable pumpkin-based pregnancy announcement.

The musical clip then ends with a scan of the pair’s first baby and a caption reading: ‘Arriving 2014’.

Aw, congrats guys! Pumpkin’s a pretty cute showbiz baby name, no? Just saying…

By Robyn Munson

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