McDonalds Are Now Doing Table Service And Gourmet Burgers

McDonalds. The fast food chain has always remained high on our guilty-pleasure priority list. Whether it’s a drunken 1am cheeseburgers or a breakfast McMuffin that perfectly sets you up for the day – it’s sometimes the only quick fix treat that will do the trick.

But now in a major new move, McDonalds have just announced they’ll be offering TABLE SERVICE.

Yep, our go-to fast food chain revealed they are now planning on introducing a whole new table service system this Spring. 

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Maccie D’s said that customers will soon be able to order from digital kiosks at their table and a waitress/waiter will bring your food to you – after the feature proved a success when it was trialled at 14 locations across the country, after they claimed this will help to modernise the chain and attract more families.

Don’t worry till purists you can still order the old fashion way too…

> Are brioche buns the way to go for Maccie D’s?


But these new changes come soon after another posh push for McDonalds after recently reinventing their burger menu aka. everything that is good about McDonalds.

Their new ‘Signature Collection’, which they propose to double in the number of its restaurants, includes the thickest patty the company has ever sold, along with fresh, higher quality ingredients such as…brioche buns!

The burgers come in three flavours, and are cooked to order and have been made in conjunction with Michelin-starred chefs (seriously).

The Signature Burger is currently on trial in 30 restaurants in London, the South and Manchester. McDonald’s plans to extend this to a further 60 restaurants in the next six weeks.

> Table service at McDonald’s now. Say what?


Is the brioche the way to go? Will we be seeing McDonalds swap sundaes for tiriamisu? Or are the changes the way to go for a Happy-er Meal? You decide…

By Abi Sharples