McDonald’s Have Launched A Brand New Premium Menu

It’s been a big week for fast food lovers everywhere, with two major announcements coming from McDonald’s and Burger King. 

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The kings over at BK got the whole internet buzzing with the news that they will be rolling out alcohol licenses, so customers can enjoy a beer with their burger. According to a report on The Independent, the UK chain is looking to extend this to 600 thousand of its restaurants. 

Thought that was exciting enough? 

Well. McDonald’s is looking to trump that news, as they announce that they’re branching into the luxury world of gourmet burgers. 

Yes, really. 


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The Independent reports that Maccy D’s have collaborated with a handful of top chefs – who have each added the experience of working at a Michelin-starred restaurant to their CVs – in order to introduce their new Signature Collection.

This premium range of mouth-watering burgers features the restaurant’s thickest ever beef patty, which has been made from 100% British and Irish beef.

And they have since been made available in twenty eight chains across London and the South.



The three flavours, which includes The Classic, The BBQ and The Spicy, also boast a fancy Brioche style bun, and are made fresh to order.

The Food Development Director from McDonald’s has revealed that this new aspect of the menu has come as a result of listening to customer’s wishes.

Although, many have since taken to the brand’s official Facebook page to complain about the fact that the trial launch only includes a very small part of the UK, with one asking: ‘Why have you done these all down south? None for us northerners.’

If you’re tastebuds are as curious as ours, you can find which McDonald’s restaurant is currently including the Signature Collection.