Which Love Island Boy Is Flirting With Lillie Lexie Gregg After *That* CBB Appearance?

Could *this* Love Island 'fella be the one to mend Lillie's heart after her CBB appearance?!

For anyone that didn’t watch last nights Celebrity Big Brother, rest assured- it was *intense*.

So, it was probably pretty clear that things weren’t going to end too well after CBB housemate Stephen Bear became involved with Chloe Khan- despite being in a relationship outside the house with Lillie Lexie Gregg.

And guess what? We were right. We were so right.

Because, during last nights episode, Lillie breifly entered the CBB house to confront her ex-boyfriend Bear over his unfaithful antics- all whilst the ‘fella had a stack of donuts on his head. Yup, that happened.

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After entering the house, a tearful Lillie told Bear (still, with donuts on head): ‘I just needed to see you and look at you in the eyes. I’m sitting at home watching a person that isn’t the person that was my boyfriend’.

Lillie then added, ‘The embarrassment and the humiliation I’ve had… I’ve never experienced anything so difficult in my life. I’m so hurt that you could do that to me and my family’. Yup, it was very hard to watch.

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And, as expected, Lillie’s visit certainly saw the Ex on the Beach lady receive a *fair* bit of support from fans, with messages on Twitter reading things such as ‘My heart honestly went out to Lillie tonight on big brother felt so so bad for her’.

And, oh whats this? Max Morley of Love Island 2015 tuned into his first Big Brother episode of the *entire* series to watch Lillie and then share his support?!

Interesting, v. v. interesting…

Yup, Max took to Twitter to share that he was watching his first episode of the series (conveniently Lillie’s episode)- writing: ‘Watch celeb big brother for the first time tonight!! Bear bear bear what have you done’.

The former Love Island ‘fella then added, ‘hard to watch poor Lillie!!’. Do we sense a lil’ romantic tension?!

Although Lillie is yet to reply to Max’s pretty adorable tweets (because, lets face it, the ‘gal is probably pretty busy right now), she has shared a message of thanks for all the support she has received since the episode was aired-

Could Max be the one to mend Lillie’s broken heart? Hmm… lets watch this space.

Alice Perry