Max Irons: 5 Reasons We’re Going To Miss Him

Max Irons, aka King Edward from BBC1’s
The White Queen, will no longer be filling our Sunday nights with his rippling torso and smouldering looks as the series finale aired last night. *sob*

We’re still coming to terms with the loss in the LOOK office but between us comforting each other and Googling the next time he’ll be on our screens (he’s currently filming Posh on location in Oxford), we’ve come up with 5 reasons why we’re going to miss him so much…

He’s 6ft 2, has hallowed cheekbones and is terribly handsome. And it’s not just us who think so. He’s modelled for Burberry and Mango and looks very good in a suit. Incredibly, he was once told he wasn’t good looking enough for a major movie role. Er, hello?!

He is actual royalty. Well, acting royalty. His dad is Oscar-winning Jeremy Irons (you know, him from Sky Atlantic’s
The Borgias) and his mum is renowned actress Sinead Cusack. Impressive.

No challenge is too great for our Max. “I was balancing a big stick with Brad Pitt’s head on it for a late-night MTV show the other week,” he says. “And I can hold my breath for three lengths of an Olympic-size swimming pool.” Wowsers. And you know what they say about boys with big noses and big lungs? Big nose clips.

He got his big break from Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, who cast him alongside Amanda Seyfried in Red Riding Hood. And when he got his role as Jared Howe in the movie adaptation of Twilight scribe Stephanie Meyer’s The Host we quickly realized… Max is the new Robert Pattinson. Enough said.

The boy is single. He was dating Aussie actress, the super stylish Emily Browning, before the pair broke up last summer. Form an orderly queue, ladies.

By Gemma Calvert

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