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Adele Posts LOL Reaction To This ‘Hello’ Parody

First came Lionel Ritchie, and now A-list actor Mathew McConaughey has joined the roster of celebrities covering the stunning Adele track ‘Hello’. And yep, it’s amazing.

To celebrate hosting the Thanksgiving episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend the Wolf of Wall Street actor made an appearance at a family gathering (in a look he’s yet to embark on in any role yet – as granddad McConaughey).

It’s family dinner time – so cue an onslaught of squabbles and disagreements. Until…the soulful sounds of Adele forms them into a cover band of sorts. So perfect.

And the Southern actor (who, lets face it, we’re used to seeing without his top off)  looks very different in this role. His look is spot-on in the parody of the famous video has McConaughey. Fur Coat? Check. Heavy black eyeliner? Obvs. And ah, the Adele mani.

The best bit of the show? Adele was actually on it as the musical guest singing ‘Hello’ (because no one can really upstage the lady herself) and the most recent track from the songstress ‘When We Were Young,’ which we’re playing on repeat in the LOOK office. Her SNL performance is the second time she’s been on the show, as well as her first live American TV performance since singing her Oscar winning song ‘Skyfall’ at the 2013 Oscars. The timing could not have been better for the record-breaking singer – just a day after her show-stopping third album ‘25’ was released [which sold 900,000 copies on iTunes on its first day].

But while the singer has reached the heights of global stardom since she stormed on the music scene seven years ago – the 27-year old singer hasn’t changed a bit. Just as much as her raw talent, it’s her sense of humour that’s charmed us all too (FYI: if you haven’t seen her impression of herself you need to stat!). So obvs, she could not help post a snap of her in hysterics watching parody of her in New York. One more reason to love Adele…and Mr McConaughey.

> I think she liked it!


By Emma Firth