Matt Willis Says He ‘Hated Himself’ In His Wedding Photos

Matt Willis’s latest confession is breaking our hearts just a teeny bit.

As you probably know, the 33-year-old has been married to Celebrity Big Brother presenter Emma Willis since 2008.

The pair are one of showbiz’s cutest couples, and are proud parents to children Isabelle, six, Ace, four, and one-month-old Trixie.

Matt and Emma Willis have three children together


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But Matt’s now admitted that there was one thing he didn’t like about his and Emma’s romantic wedding day – his appearance.

He tells Men’s Fitness: ‘I got married and I hated myself in the wedding pictures. I looked like a fat mess.

Matt Willis married wife Emma in 2008


‘I’d had a problem with drink and drugs and I stopped all that but I still looked bad a year later, then I realised: “Oh, it’s probably because I’m eating fried chicken and drinking things with loads of sugar in it.”

‘Once I started taking care of nutrition, it all clicked. I’ve got a bad relationship with food. I’m very obsessive about it.’

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Matt Willis battled drug and alcohol addictions after the break-up of Busted


While we find it upsetting to hear Matt talk about himself like this, we applaud him for tacking his issues head-on.

And it’s safe to say that he’s now looking mighty fine. So how did he achieve this? Well, he took up boxing and martial arts, as well as adjusting his diet.

Matt Willis now lives a much healthier lifestyle


He continues: ‘I’ve learnt that I’m not very good at moderation. It doesn’t work for me. Anything that can be taken too far, I’ll take too far. Sugar is the worst. If I have it, something triggers in my brain, the same as it does with any other mind-altering substance.

‘Something happens to me and I become a monster with it – I can’t control myself, which is ridiculous and I hate it. But it’s just something about me, which I’ve had to learn.’

You seem to be doing a pretty good job, Matt.