Emma Willis On Husband Matt’s Alcohol Addiction

Emma Willis has opened up about her husband Matt’s battle with alcoholism.

The 40-year-old was there to help Matt, 32, deal with his issues, which he’s admitted were brought on by the demise of his band Busted in his early 20s.

Emma tells You: ‘Before I met Matt I didn’t know anyone who was an addict. But I am open-minded and it wasn’t ever something I found hard to come to terms with.

Matt Willis’s issues began with the break-up of Busted


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‘At the beginning of our relationship, I didn’t realise the extent of his addiction, and I don’t think he did either.

‘He was young and in this huge band, and when it came to an end it seemed that he was just working out who he was and going off the rails a bit.

Matt Willis is now ‘good as gold’


‘But it’s not until time passes and patterns form that you can see the root of the problem – and it wasn’t just a case of being young and going off the rails.

‘Maybe my interest in the medical world helped me deal with it, but of course once you are further into a relationship you’re not going to jump ship when there are problems.

‘To me, we just had to find a way to sort it out. And he did. I never worry about him relapsing. He is as good as gold now.’

At first, Emma Willis thought dating Matt would just be ‘fun’


Emma confesses that she initially thought dating Matt would just be ‘a bit of fun’, but as she explains: ‘That bit of fun turned into something a lot more serious.’

The couple married in 2008 and have children Isabelle, six, and four-year-old Ace together. Emma is currently pregnant with their third child.

Emma and Matt Willis are expecting their third child together


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It sounds like things are going pretty swimmingly for them right now. Emma is the host of both Big Brother and The Voice, while Busted recently reunited.

Busted are now back together


Emma says: ‘Matt is in a great place right now and he feels sorted. You can go through tough times and feel you have lost everything, but we understand better than ever that this is an industry where success comes and goes – you have to accept that.

‘He’s got his fingers in so many pies and he knows that even if the band doesn’t continue for ever there will always be something.’