The Co-Writer Of Matt Terry’s Winner’s Single Hits Back At Haters

Amy Wadge penned The X Factor winner's debut track with Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s co-writer has defended the single they penned for X Factor winner Matt Terry.

After Matt, 23, debuted When Christmas Comes Around on Sunday night’s final, viewers took to Twitter to criticise Ed for giving it to Simon Cowell.

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Tweets included: ‘Ed Sheeran should have kept the X Factor winner’s song for himself because I bet it would be a million times better than Matt’s version,’ and: ‘The winning X factor song would’ve been a classic had Ed Sheeran sang it instead of a BTEC version of himself [sic].’

Eep. But now Amy Wadge has explained how she and Ed came up with the track, telling BBC: ‘Ed called me and said “Why don’t you come over and we’ll just sit down and write some songs?”

‘It was just for the sake of writing because his album is done.

Ed Sheeran co-wrote this year's winner's single

Ed Sheeran co-wrote this year’s winner’s single

‘We said: “Let’s write a Christmas song,” and that’s what we did. ‘We wrote this song and [he] said we should send it to Simon Cowell and then I got a call to say it’s the X Factor‘s winner’s single.

‘The way I pay my bills is from songwriting. Ed is so prolific that he’s going to write so many songs in a year and not all of those songs are going to see the light of day.

‘With Ed, all of this year has been preparing for his next album and for him to have released a Christmas song it just wouldn’t have happened.

Nicole Scherzinger and Matt Terry

Nicole Scherzinger mentored Matt Terry on The X Factor

‘We both said we had this lovely song so we should give it away.’

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Amy has since Tweeted: ‘Massive congrats @MattTerry93 you sound beautiful on the song xxx.’

And it seems fans agree with that sentiment – When Christmas Comes Around is currently #1 on the iTunes chart.

Congratulations again, Matt!