How The John Lewis Ad Might Have Helped Matt Terry Win The X Factor

Craziest conspiracy theory yet?

Matt Terry won The X Factor on Sunday night, fair and square. But that’s not to say the vote wasn’t close.

In fact, this year’s competition is being pegged as one of the closest yet, with only 8% in it between Matt and finalist Saara Aalto. And some people have the weirdest theory as to how Matt triumphed.

And it’s all about the John Lewis Christmas advert.

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If you remember, Matt’s final song was Randy Crawford’s One Day I’ll Fly Away, the same song used in this year’s animal-friendly John Lewis spectacular.

And up until Saturday, Saara was leading in terms of votes, having grown in popularity over the past few weeks.

But after Sunday’s final, during which the John Lewis Christmas advert was played during every single ad break, Matt took over. And Dr Nick Southgate, a professional advertising planner and expert in behaviour change, had told Radio Times that he thinks it could have swayed it.

‘I can tell you that priming is working here,’ Nick told the publication. ‘The more you hear something, the more familiar it is and this makes it easier to like. No doubt this could have helped edge it for Matt Terry…’

Matt’s mentor was Nicole Scherzinger this year, who also advised James Arthur to sing another song from a John Lewis ad back in 2012 – he also ended up winning.

Could Nicole be using some very clever festive feel-good tactics to make sure her acts win? Well, if she is, it’s certainly working…