People Aren’t Happy With What Matt LeBlanc’s Said About Emilia Clarke

The Friends actor made a comment about Emilia's naked scenes in Game Of Thrones while being interviewed at the Emmys...

Joey Tribbiani may have been known for his womanising antics on Friends – but people aren’t so cool with Matt LeBlanc acting in the same way.

The 49-year-old actor came under fire for his flirting techniques yesterday, after he made a suggestive comment about Game Of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke at the Emmys. Eep.

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Matt LeBlanc Emilia Clarke at the Emmys

Matt and Emilia, 29, took a selfie together back in May. So E! hosts Jason Kennedy and Giuliana Rancic thought it’d be a nice idea to get them together on the red carpet.

As Jason and Giuliana were interviewing the pair separately, they connected them via a video link. We then got to see their conversation via a split screen.

It all started off pretty innocently. Referring to the selfie, Jason asked them: ‘Who was the fan?’

Emilia – who plays Daenerys Targaryen in GOT – then replied: ‘I think I was definitely the fan.’

But when Matt was asked if he’d actually watched Emilia’s show, things got a teeny bit controversial.

He said: ‘I saw the first season then fell out of touch with it… and then I guess that was when she started getting naked. So I need to catch up.’

Matt LeBlanc at the Emmys

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Hmm. Emilia’s reaction wasn’t shown on TV, but viewers were definitely keen to share their thoughts on Twitter.

Comments included: ‘Yikes that was v creepy of Matt Leblanc to remark on Emilia Clarke’s Game of Thrones nudity,’ and: ‘Ew ew ew Matt LeBlanc being like “I need to watch Emilia Clarke get naked” while talking to her like…I’m uncomfortable [sic].’

Now, some have pointed out that Emilia was crushing on Matt when they appeared on The Graham Norton Show together earlier this year.

But does that mean it’s acceptable for him to joke about her getting naked? We’re not so sure.

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