Match.Com’s New Dating Advert Is NOT Going Down Well has got people really riled up over their new advert.

You’re probably familiar with the dating site’s ‘Love Your Imperfections’ campaign, which attempts to make us all feel a little bit more accepting of ourselves.

Except, their latest billboard hasn’t made people feel like that at all. In fact, it’s made people VERY CROSS.

The advert shows a picture of a gorgeous red head covered in freckles, and the strapline read: ‘If you don’t like your imperfections, someone else will.’ Hmm.

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It’s not hard to see why the advert has gone down like a lead balloon – we mean, since when have striking Ariel locks and beautiful freckles been counted as ‘imperfections’, huh?

And Twitter didn’t take long to react.

‘Thanks Lovely to learn I’m covered in “imperfections” #LoveYourImperfections’, one ofended user wrote.

‘I’ve always hated my freckles – @Match statement said this was intended to make me feel confident of them….nope’, another tweeted.


‘I grew up with the nicknames & still have people shout at me on the street about being ginger. Shame on you @Match’, slammed a redhead. 

Since the uproar, a spokesperson for has now released a statement.

‘Our adverts reveal common perceived imperfections and quirks of Brits – these include freckles which some people who have them may see as an imperfection. We think freckles are beautiful and our posters are designed to encourage everyone who has them to be proud.’

‘We’re sorry if anyone has been offended by our latest ad – that was not our intention – but we’re really encouraged to see so many people standing-up for what makes them unique.’

Hmm. We reckon they need to think a litte harder about how they spin those ‘encouraging’ ads next time, eh?