Why Viewers Are Laughing At This Married At First Sight Contestant

That's one way to make the most of a complicated situation!

If you aren’t already obsessed with Married At First Sight – where have you been for the past few weeks?

The Channel 4 show explores the fate of a number of couples that have just gotten married. The twist is, the pair’s first meeting is at the alter on their wedding day.

Matched by science, the show broadcasts their lives as husband and wife for the first few months of their marriage and in the conclusion of the show, the couple must decide whether they will stay married or get a divorce.

Whilst getting married to a complete stranger might not sound like a laugh for the typical person, the show is addictive to watch – there’s something about observing the course of romance (or lack of) that is hypnotising… and just down right entertaining!


One couple on the series are 30-year-old ex-army lad Steve and 27-year-old marketing executive Lucie. Steve’s shyness and Lucie’s bubbly personality seemed like the perfect opposites-attract match. But unfortunately the pair revealed they had decided to split and just be friends in the series finale.

Whilst we were completely smitten with Steve and Lucie’s blossoming relationship (or friendship, as it turned out), some viewers found something about Steve a little suspect.

Throughout the show, Steve mentioned how he was going to use the experience as method to quit smoking.

We’re not sure what getting married has to do with quitting smoking but who are we to judge?!


The show was sure to document all Steve’s no-smoking-journey. From his wedding day (where he smoked) to moving in their new flat (where he also smoked).

Unfortunately for Steve, his plan to quit didn’t go swimmingly.

‘The no smoking plans are not going great,’ he said, hinting there’s trouble in paradise. Smoking paradise that is, not his marriage.

‘It’s just circumstance isn’t it.’

Twitter didn’t hesitate to point out that Steve’s attention should of maybe been on fixing his marriage rather than his smoking habit.

Well, we wish Steve all the wish in the world with quitting in the future.

By Catherine Delves