We’ve Got Upsetting News About Married At First Sight’s Clark And Melissa

Last night's show left viewers shocked as one of the most promising couples decided to part ways...

We’ve got bad news about the first Married At First Sight couple of this series.

If you’re not yet familiar, it’s the Channel 4 show with the most ridiculous-sounding concept. Two people get hitched – and meet each other for the first time at the altar.

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Married At First Sight

The first episode of the series saw nurse Melissa wed business development manager Clark, after they were matched scientifically by experts.

And at the time, the pair seemed pretty pleased with their spouses.

‘He makes me laugh a lot, he’s special. So far it feels like a fairytale come true, it’s way better than I could have wished for.

Clark concurs: ‘When I saw Melissa all I could think was: “Wow.” There was chemistry from the start. As soon as I knew her I knew everything would be fine.’

They got on like a house on fire and initially told the experts they had made the decision to stay married but live apart. But despite this decision, it looks to many like the pair have split. NOOOO.

Married At First Sight

In an emotional Instagram post addressing their break up, Clark wrote, ‘This married at first sight thing has sent us both round the bend – I’m very lucky to have met Melissa and intrigued to know where the future will take us!

‘Melissa is an amazing woman who is beautiful, funny and everything I could ask for as a wife – the time apart will give us a chance to properly date and get to know each other in normal circumstances.

‘One thing to take away for anyone who wants to get married… DONT!!! ONLY JOKING!!! Marriage is hard but f**cking rewarding and I can honestly say that if I was to meet Melissa again at the end of the aisle I’d do it again’.

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We hope this means there is a chance for their relationship in the future and are glad they aren’t giving up completely.

Understandably, viewers were also devastated that the pair have called it quits.



We hope all the couples from the show are happy with their current relationship status’.