Has Marnie Simpson’s CBB Game Plan To Use Lewis Bloor Been Exposed?

According to a new report, Marnie Simpson's Celebrity Big Brother romance with Lewis Bloor is because of *this*...

It’s been a bit of a week for Marnie Simpson inside that ol’ Big Brother house, hasn’t it?!

She’s had her boobs out, she’s been accused of being a bully, she’s kissed Lewis Bloor and she’s been publicly ‘dumped’ by on-off boyfriend Aaron Chalmers. Oh, and we’re only a few days in.

Nerves are kicking in ?

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And it doesn’t look like the talk of Marnie’s CBB escapades are about to slow down any time soon- as new reports are now claiming that Marnie has supposedly cooked up some big and evil game plan…

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Well, not really. Because it is a game after all. And the ‘gal needs some type of strategy, right?!

So, as you’ve probably seen, things are hotting up between Marnie and her fellow CBB housemate Lewis Bloor- with the pair having shared a few kisses. No biggie, right?

Well, people have been pretty skeptical over how genuine this pairing is- with many fans taking to Twitter to share that they felt Marnie and Lewis were ‘fake’….

And although some people felt Marnie and Lewis were actually a pretty cute couple, new reports have alleged that this is all part of Marnie’s ‘game plan’. Ah…

According to The Daily Star, 24-year-old Marnie is ‘plotting to have sex with  Lewis Bloor in order to keep her place in the Celebrity Big Brother house’- a strategy that is genuinely being called the ‘secret sex plot’. Yep, we wish we were joking.

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According to the report, Marnie is hoping her romance with Lewis Bloor will keep her inside the walls of the CBB house.

Lewis entering #cbb last night!

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Fellow Geordie Shore pal Chloe Ferry has already put bets on things hotting up even more between the pair, having reportedly shared that Marnie ‘won’t let anyone get in her way if she fancies someone. She’ll get naked for sure’.

It would appear that Marnie has the blessing of her on/off Geordie Shore boyfriend to move on in the house, though, as Aaron Chalmers took to his Twitter to share: ‘Just going to say 1 thing about CBB ! Me and marnie are not together and never will be!! That ship has sunk!! I wish her all the best tho’.

And, although he deleted the tweet, Aaron then tweeted that he hadn’t meant the tweet to look mean and he wishes his ex the best on the show.

Well, guess this is a ‘watch this space’ type situation…

Alice Perry