Marnie Simpson Speaks Out About Her Love Island Ex

It looks like Geordie Shore‘s Marnie Simpson has hit back at her ex, who just so happens to be in the Love Island villa right now.

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Newcomer Troy Frith, who has just coupled up with Tina Stinnes, made no secret of his link to the reality star before he jetted off to the sunny ITV2 dating show.


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The cheeky chappy told Now that he’d been ‘speaking to Marnie from Geordie Shore’, but things didn’t work out because he was ‘a bit greedy’ and talking to Ex On The Beach‘s Kayleigh at the same time.

What a gent.

He explained, ‘[when they found out] it didn’t go down well to be honest. I’m sweet with Marnie now, we speak on a friend level but yeah. It didn’t go down too well.’

Errr, well, he might want to rethink their good terms when he finishes his stint on Love Island, as Marnie appears to have taken issue with the fact that he’s been dropping her name about.


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At first, some people believed that her cryptic tweet about ‘cringe’ exes could have been about Sophie Gradon and her ex girlfriend Natalie, particularly as Soph’s ex retweeted it.

But now, it’s being reported that Marnie could actually have been aiming her words at her own ex, Troy.

She said: ‘Name dropping a ex or anything like it purely to get on a tv show is probably the most annoying thing in the world #cringe’ [sic].

This does make sense. But, ultimately, only Marnie really knows the meaning behind her tweet. Saying that, we’d understand her frustrations, particularly as Troy then added this comment about her being bisexual: ‘I dunno. I just hope it wasn’t me that sent her that way.’

Errr. It definitely doesn’t work like that, mate.