Marnie Simpson Regrets Her Surgery: ‘I’ve Ruined My Lips’

The Geordie Shore star has spoken about how body dysmorphia pushed her to go too far with the fillers.

These days, the Geordie Shore girls are almost unrecognisable from the lasses who first entered the house five years ago on the hunt for kebabs and Sambuca.

Since finding fame, they’ve each admitted to dabbling in a whole range of tweakments ranging from the subtle to the dramatic.

But Marnie Simpson has become the first Geordie girl to say that she may have gone one step too far with the plastic surgery.

Opening up about her battle with body dysmorphia, Marnie has admitted that she struggles to find any positives when looking in the mirror, and that these insecurities, paired with the chance to change her appearance, have caused her to ‘ruin’ some parts of her body.

The girls of Geordie Shore

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Having gone through a nose job, a boob lift, liposuction and a whole lot of lip filler so far, Marnie told Now magazine in a recent interview that none of the procedures have improved her self esteem.

In fact, they’ve done the opposite.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with how I look. I only see faults when I look in the mirror – I never see any of the positives,’ Marnie said.

‘I have nice hair, but that’s about it.’

It wasn’t until she saw herself on television afterwards that Marnie realised just how far she’d gone with with her surgery habits, and now it’s her lips in particular which she feels were a mistake.

Marnie confessed: ‘I went really overboard with them.’

‘I thought they looked great until I saw them on Geordie Shore. They’ll never be the same again; I’ve ruined my lips.’

‘Even though I’ve had the filler dissolved, my lips are still bigger than they were originally. Because of how much I had they’ll never look the same as before.’

Marnie Simpson enters CBB

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When asked whether she wishes she could turn the clock back, Marnie replied: ‘I would do it differently: I’d research and make sure that I do everything right.’

‘I wouldn’t get unnecessary things – if I could go back, maybe I wouldn’t have the liposuction or boob lift…’

Despite all of this, it sounds as though Marnie’s surgery journey is far from over, as she’s still tempted to have her chin ‘shaved down’.

‘I can’t remember ever looking at my chin and thinking there was something wrong with it, but I’ve convinced myself it’s grown… I can’t explain it,’ she spilled.

Oh, Marns.

By Lucy Wood