CBB’s Marnie Simpson’s Mum Gives Her Verdict On Lewis Bloor

Marnie's mum, Sharon Kinney, has something to say about Lewis 'overshadowing' Marnie in the Celebrity Big Brother house...

Lewis Bloor has been nothing but adoring of Marnie Simpson since his eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother.

The former TOWIE star has proved that he’s in it for keeps with his lady by going as far as to say that he loves her (yep, that happened), and told Loose Women earlier this week that he could even imagine marrying Marns.

‘‘If we are still together in five years time, I would be surprised if she didn’t have a ring on her finger’, he said.

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marnie and lewis bloor

Marnie and Lewis are now boyfriend and girlfriend after hooking up in the house

And when pressed on those ‘showmance’ rumours, he replied: ‘You spend every waking minute together. If you don’t know your feelings in that time, then when will you?

‘This is a new feeling for me and I understand now the way people look at it but I just can’t wait to see her.’

Aww. But, when dating a new fella, there’s always one thing that a girl needs to know it’s the real deal… Her mum’s seal of approval.

marnie mum

Marnie’s gorgeous mum Sharon has spoken out about Marnie’s time in the house

So, what does Marnie’s mum, Sharon Kinney, think of Lewis? Well, she let slip on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On the Side this week.

And guess what? She approves! When asked about the comments that Lewis appeared to ‘overshadow’ Marnie’s personality in the house, Sharon hit back by saying: ‘I wouldn’t agree with that at all.

‘Marnie is a very strong, independent woman’, she said. ‘With Lewis, she just went into that house with an open heart and she met someone who she has a connection with. She’s just gone with her feeling.’

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marnie and lewis bloor

Marnie and Lewis started going out whilst in the Big Brother House


And of course, Sharon had nothing but wonderful things to say about her Geordie Shore daughter, and why she should get the public vote.

‘Oh she’s so funny and spontaneous, she has this wild side and she’s so beautiful’, she gushed.

Cute mama. And Lewis? You’re in the clear!