Sophie Kasaei Speaks Out About Marnie Simpson’s ‘Showmance’

It doesn't sound like she's *totally* won over by Lewis Bloor...

Things are heating up between Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But while viewers are loving seeing the pair’s relationship develop, there is one question on everyone’s lips – is it really a romance? Or is it just a showmance?

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Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor

Well, Marnie’s cousin and Geordie Shore co-star Sophie Kasaei has spoken out about the speculation. And she insists that her pal’s feelings are 100% genuine.

Sophie tells The Sun: ‘I think Marnie has a lot more feelings for him.

‘Marnie has a heart of ice and it takes a lot to make her cry like she did in the Diary Room, it’s such a shock whenever she does in Geordie Shore as she can’t just turn the tears on.

Sophie Kasaei

Sophie Kasaei has given her two cents on Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor

‘Her being upset like that shows she really likes him and that this is not a showmance.’

We’re not sure how we’d feel about being described as having a ‘heart of ice’, but it’s sweet that she’s sticking up for her, huh?

So how does Sophie feel about Lewis, 26? Does she think he’s Mr Right for Marnie?

It sounds like the ex-TOWIE star may have his work cut out to impress Sophie, as she reckons he was ‘really mean’ to bring up his ex-girlfriend around Marnie.

In case you missed it, the conversation made Marnie, 24, cry. And for someone with a ‘heart of ice’, that can’t be a common occurrence.

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Sophie continues: ‘I thought it was a bit friend zoning, if you like someone the first rule is never talk about an ex, so Lewis talking about his ex-girlfriend already I think that is mean.

Marnie Simpson flirts Grant Bovey

‘She would never do that, she’s respectful, I didn’t think that was nice at all.’

Eep. Let’s hope things get a little smoother between Marnie and Lewis before they leave the house…