This News About Marnie Simpson And Lewis Bloor Might Surprise You…

In a bid to prove that their romance *is* for real, the Celebrity Big Brother couple have reportedly made a decision...

It’s safe to say that ALL eyes are on Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor right now.

Since leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house, both have been clear about their feelings for each other.

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They’ve declared their love for one another. They’ve been on a first date.

But, there’s one thing that we haven’t seen from them.

marnie and lewis bloor

It appears that the TOWIE star and the Geordie Shore beauty have made the decision to keep the more intimate details of their relationship private.

A source reportedly close to the new couple has told The Sun Online: ‘Lewis and Marnie are well aware what people are saying about their relationship. They know that things moved very quickly between them in the house but they truly believe what they have is genuine.

‘They both have enough experience in the industry to know that the way to persuade people they are for real is by not shoving it in their faces.’

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor

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The source allegedly continued: ‘Of course they’ve been inundated with offers for mag shoots since leaving the house but despite some of the offers being very tempting, they have turned them all down so far. Instead they plan on keeping their romance mostly to themselves without OTT shoots and endless interviews.’

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Apparently, the loved-up reality couple have been ‘enjoying each other’s company away from the spotlight’ and ‘getting to know each other’ without the CBB cameras.

Both Lewis and Marnie have allowed the public to see every detail of their previous relationships, and it hasn’t worked out in the past.

So we hope that this new approach works for them both.

Team Larnie.