Marnie Simpson: ‘I Take Selfies Because I Feel Insecure’

Marnie Simpson seems pretty confident, right?

The Geordie Shore star, 24, often posts sexy selfies to Instagram – and we’ve all seen her racy antics on the MTV reality show.

But now she’s made a pretty upsetting confession. Because as it turns out, she’s not quite as self-assured as she appears.

Marnie Simpson posts saucy snaps to Instagram


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In fact, she sometimes takes those super-raunchy selfies in a bid to feel better about herself.

Marnie tells the Daily Mail: ‘A lot of the time I feel insecure and if I take a nice selfie of myself then it makes me feel better. It makes me think: “Stop being down, stop being insecure you look good.”


‘I 100% put them up to validate myself and I know that sounds bad, but most of the time when I do a sexy selfie it’s to make me feel good.’

Marnie’s admitted that the harsh comments she’s received on social media have contributed to her insecurities.

She continues: ‘It’s really bad that the industry and the trolls have that effect on us but if that’s the way it makes me feel. If a little selfie makes me feel better then so be it.’



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Hmmm. Well we don’t think you should feel anything other than gorgeous, lady. And we all know where those body shamers can go.

It’s been well documented that the Geordie Shore girls have had their fair share of cosmetic surgery, with Marnie confessing to undergoing procedures herself.


But she’s now said: ‘We’re all looking like each other and I do feel like when you get so many things done that everyone looks the same.

‘I still try to look natural and I know that sounds silly because I do stuff to myself but I try and do it in a natural way.’

Whatever you think about her transformation, let’s hope Marnie soon realises just how beautiful she is.