Marnie Simpson Addresses THAT Controversy Surrounding Geordie Shore’s Advert

The MTV star has issued an apology to her former co-star Charlotte Crosby...

Geordie Shore’s big return is edging closer and closer.

The MTV show will be making a comeback to the small screen for its fourteenth series on March 28th. But it’s safe to say that the MTV show has already done a good job of causing some controversy.

Both the show’s original Gary Beadle and MTV have been criticised for their ‘distasteful’ advert, which promotes the new series of the show.

In it, a heavily ‘pregnant’ Gaz can be seen ‘giving birth’ to a bunch of new housemates – after he’s pushed out some chicken nuggets and a traffic cone.

Sadly, we’re not kidding.

It didn’t escape fans that Charlotte Crosby – who was on and off with Gary through most of her time on the show – suffered an ectopic pregnancy, opening up about her traumatic experience last year.

A number of fans took to social media to criticise the trailer, branding it ‘disrespectful’ and ‘tactless’.

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Gary Charlotte

Someone else that spoke out against the clip was former housemate Holly Hagan – who also happens to be Charlotte’s best friend.

The reality star took to Twitter to share her outrage, writing: ‘Cannot believe @mtvgeordie shore signed off that advert! Insensitive and bad taste after what’s happened.’

Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson, who also starred in the advert, has now apologised to her former co-star Charlotte Crosby.

Writing for her column in Star, the reality star – who has also taken part in Celebrity Big Brother – wrote: ‘My mate Holly said she thought the new Geordie Shore poster of pregnant Gaz is insensitive because Charlotte suffered an ectopic pregnancy last year.

‘We certainly weren’t out to hurt Charlotte but now I look at it, I can see how it’s insensitive and I feel bad. Sorry Char.’