Charlotte Crosby Jumps To Marnie Simpson’s Defence After CBB Backlash

Celebrity Big Brother viewers don't seem very impressed with Marnie Simpson's behaviour. But her Geordie Shore pal has jumped to her defence on social media...

It’s safe to say that Marnie Simpson and Saira Khan haven’t really clicked.

The pair have been in the Celebrity Big Brother house together since the launch show last Thursday. And they don’t really seem to be getting along too well.

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Marnie Saira CBB

The Geordie Shore star appeared to try and clear the air with Saira, who was upset and lying in bed.

Marnie told her, ‘I get mixed signals with you. I don’t really know what you think of us.’

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She continued, ‘I’m not used to someone like you, so we’re still getting to know each other. You’re very opinionated.

‘Little things that I’ve heard you say, like, “you’re aware there’s cameras.” Sometimes it can slightly come across judgemental.’

But Saira maintained that she’d only wanted to get to know the MTV star, and was just ‘asking questions.’

Later that day, the housemates were playing a game of Truth Or Dare. And a tipsy Marnie decided to bring up the earlier confrontation.

‘I feel like I just need to say sorry to you,’ she told the Loose Women panelist.

‘I just want to ask you a very serious question: do you think that we had the big confrontation because I’ve got better boobs than you?’

The reality star then pulled down her top and flashed her boobs at Saira. Errr.

Social media was furious, with some labelling Marnie a ‘bully’.

Comments included: ‘If a man did what Marnie just did- sexual assault #cbb Saira was annoying but that was wrong’ and ‘This is actually horrible to watch now… What Marnie did to Saira was bang out of order. So disrespectful. #CBB’.

Charlotte Crosby has spoken out in defence of her former castmate.

Charlotte hit back at the critics, writing, ‘I honestly think that @MarnieGShore was just caught up in the game and a little bit drunk. She’s defo not a bully…’ [sic].

Meanwhile, whoever is manning Marnie’s official Twitter account has sent out a message to viewers of the show:

We’ll have to tune in tonight to see what happens next…