This Viral M&S Ad Is Making The World LOL

This isn’t just any bread. It’s Marks And Spencer’s vitamin-enhanced bread. 

That’s right, the wonderful people over at M&S have been doing their bit to improve our vitamin intake. Because they’re lovely like that. 

But they’ve also, unknowingly, done their bit to give us all a LOL, with their new advert going viral across social media. 

The poster, which features some rather scrummy looking bread creations, has the tagline ‘PUTTING THE D IN BREAD’. 



Of course, the letter play is meant to highlight the natural source of Vitamin D that has been added to the rolls. 

But many have taken to Twitter to point out a very different meaning..

Cover your eyes, guys.  

According to some, M&S want to put something *ahem* not so tasteful into their bread. Say what?! 

Hilarity ensued. And the advert has been taking over timelines everywhere. 

We’ve picked out some of the funniest responses for you. 









Because, LOL. 

Whether it was intentional or not, we love M&S for the smiles… 

Now we’re off to buy lunch. 

By Laura Jane Turner