Mark Wright Reveals He’s Been Suffering From OCD All His Life

The former TOWIE star made a candid confession on This Morning, as he reveals he's battlling with symmetry OCD...

Mark Wright is a man who’s known for being a cheeky chappy who always has time for a laugh. But on today’s This Morning, the presenter revealed a secret he’s been struggling with for years.

Because behind his and wife Michelle Keegan’s seemingly easy showbiz life, Mark reveals that he’s actually suffering from OCD, aka. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

And he’s ready to talk about it.

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mark wright

Mark Wright discusses his need for things to be symmetrical on today’s This Morning…

‘I have symmetry OCD’, the 29-year-old said. ‘If I touch one leg in a certain place I have to do it on the same leg.’

In fact, his OCD is something that’s plagued his life so much that Mark’s decided to make a show about it, which sees him meeting other people living with the condition, called Mark Wright: OCD And Me.

‘Growing up as a kid my dad had OCD, little habits he does and so does my sister Jess – we all have little habits, we have to touch things a certain amount of times’, he continued.

mark wright michelle keegan

Mark with wife Michelle Keegan…

And speaking of the people he met on his journey, Mark stressed how OCD is a mental disorder, and should be taken seriously.

‘It’s serious for these people and it’s not funny at all’, he added.

It’s estimated that there are around 750,000 people living with OCD in the UK alone, so Mark’s certainly not alone.

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And he’s received plenty of support already following his appearance on This Morning, with one fan tweeting: ‘Well done Mark ?? your OCD feature on #thismorning was very good & informative, your a lovely guy ? #WorldMentalHealthDay’.

‘Watching @MarkWright_ talk about OCD on @thismorning great to see him raising awareness by talking about his own experiences ?? #ThisMorning’, another praised.

We’re proud of Mark for being so honest about his struggle. We’re all human after all, eh?