Mark Wright And Michelle Keegan Deny Marriage Issues

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have rubbished reports that their marriage is on the rocks.

As we all know, Michelle has been in South Africa over the past few weeks, where she’s shooting the second series of BBC Army drama Our Girl.

Mark, 29, has stayed in the UK, although he and his parents did recently fly out to visit 28-year-old Mich.

> Michelle Keegan is playing Corporal Georgie Lane in Our Girl. Picture: BBC


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While their separation can’t be easy, Mark is very supportive of his wife, previously telling the Daily Mirror: ‘I’m going to miss her – we’ve never been apart for so long so it will be difficult.

‘But it’ll be fine, I’m going to try and get out there when I can. I’m so proud of Michelle – this is a great opportunity and I would never stand in her way.’

> Mark Wright recently jetted to South Africa


Aw. But despite all this, fans still ended up a little concerned when Michelle was snapped without her wedding ring on last month.

In a series of Twitter photos posted by her co-star Mark Armstrong – which were taken during a spot of wine tasting – her left hand appeared to be jewellery-free. Eep.

> Michelle Keegan didn’t appear to be wearing her wedding ring in these photos. Picture: Twitter/Mark Armstrong


A source then told new! that Michelle was ‘really enjoying herself’ on the trip and looked like ‘the only girl on a stag do full of hotties’.

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> Picture: Twitter/Mark Armstrong


Now, there are plenty of reasons why Mich may have removed her ring. We mean, have you SEEN the size of that rock?! Maybe she just doesn’t want to risk losing it.

Plus, if she’d been filming scenes that same day, there’s a good chance she took it off to play an unmarried character.

> Michelle Keegan’s engagement ring *is* quite a big’un


A representative has now confirmed that everything A-okay between her and Mark, telling the magazine: ‘Of course they’re together.

‘We won’t be commenting on Mark and Michelle’s relationship.’

> Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan married in May 2015


We’re glad to hear it, guys.