Are Babies On The Way For Mark Wright And Michelle Keegan?

Mark's sister Jess has just hinted at some *very* exciting baby plans....

A couple so good-looking, their combined genetics could probably end the world or something equally as drastic. We’re, of course, talking about the beautiful Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan.

Having been married for a year now, people have been pretty keen to see some mini-mes from the couple…

TBT me and THE ONE !!

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And it’s good news for anyone hoping for a Markchelle brood- as Jess, Mark’s sister, has just hinted at the possibility of babies happening in the near future. Yeo, today is a good day,

Speaking to The Sunday People, Jess said: ‘Hopefully it’s not too long until I’ll be an aunty’, before adding: ‘They’ve both been busy but I can’t wait’.

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And the couple certainly have been busy, with Michelle’s three month stay in South Africa to film new BBC drama Our Girl causing multiple ‘on the rocks’ rumours to begin circulating the press.

Happy birthday to my other half. ❤️ @wrighty_ xxx

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However, Jess has also cleared up these rumours- sharing, ‘Michelle and Mark are doing fine. They’re just busy young people with active careers. People like to be sceptical about them. They shouldn’t have to choose a career or each other’.

Jess continues: ‘They’re more in love than ever and I think it’s nice that, in this day and age, the woman and man in the household can go to work and bring home the bacon’. Preach!

BAFTA tonight……

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Mark himself recently touched on all the baby-pressure, sharing on Loose Women: ‘It’s hard work with the pressure of having babies. Now, my mum’s on our case. “Hurry up and make it happen, I want to be a nan”.’

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Mark continued: ‘I think we’ve got another year or two of her nagging and we’ll just have to do it. When she gives birth there will be 300 Wrights around her’.

Oh, and he also joked: We’re going to give birth to an ugly duckling and let everyone down’. For some reason, Mark, we really don’t see that happening…

Let’s cut out the ‘year or two’ though, please and thank you.

Alice Perry