Mark Wright Opens Up About His And Michelle Keegan’s Anniversary

Michelle will be away filming Our Girl on 24 May, but Mark's still hoping to mark the occasion...

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are preparing to be separated again.

Ex-Coronation Street actress Michelle, 29, will soon be jetting off to shoot the third series of Our Girl, which means she’ll be abroad for their second wedding anniversary next month.

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Michelle Keegan is getting ready to film the second series of Our Girl

However, Mark is still hoping they’ll be able to celebrate.

The 30-year-old appeared on Lorraine yesterday, where he told stand-in host Christine Lampard: ‘It’s gone so quick. Michelle goes away very shortly to film another series of Our Girl, and she’ll be away for quite a few months.

‘But I’ll be going back and forward when I can fit it in around work and I’ll probably be out there for the anniversary and we’ll try and make something happen.

‘It is difficult, the drama she does it takes ages to shoot an episode that’s why she has to be there for so long but we can make it work.’

Mark Wright on Lorraine

Mark Wright chatted about his wife on yesterday’s Lorraine

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Michelle will be filming in several locations across the world, including Nepal, South Africa and Malaysia.

However, despite the distance, Mark isn’t too concerned about the time he and his wife will spend apart.

He continues: ‘It doesn’t matter what the job is, you make it work. You work around it. The most important thing is your personal life, especially if you’re in a relationship. Your relationship comes first.

Mark Wright on Lorraine

‘It’s exciting, it keeps it exciting – separate careers makes the time you spend together more special.

‘We do the old Face Time, WhatsApp, talk on the phone. We’re always in contact. It’s easy – it’s 2017 there’s always a way to stay in contact.’

Aw. Relationship goals much?