Mark Wright Just Revealed Something Very, Um, Personal

So Mark Wright just revealed something we probably didn’t need to know about his and Michelle Keegan‘s marriage.

The 29-year-old recently appeared on Loose Women, where he ended up chatting quite explicitly about his, er, private life.

Mark Wright was asked a *slightly* embarrassing question on Loose Women


This racy conversation began when panellist Jamelia brought up a recent study, which claims that the key to good lovemaking is saying ‘I love you’ during the act.

When asked if he agreed, Mark said: ‘We always say we love each other, like in the morning, when we’re having dinner and, I suppose, when that’s about to happen.’

But he then cheekily added: ‘When it’s happening that’s too nicey nice for me. I use words that I won’t even [tell you].’

Mark Wright went a teeny bit red after his admission. Lolz


Crikey, Mark. Let’s hope Michelle doesn’t mind you talking about this…

Luckily, we think she’ll forgive him. The couple have been seriously smitten since getting hitched at Suffolk’s Hengrave Hall last May.

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Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan are enjoying their first year as newlyweds


Of course, the question now on everyone’s lips is whether they’re planning to start a family anytime soon.

And there’s one person who’s particularly keen for them to make that special announcement – Mark’s mum Carol.

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Mark Wright’s mum Carol is very keen to become a grandmother


He revealed: ‘It’s hard work with the pressure of having babies. Auntie Debbie is the first of the sisters to become a grandmother and she tells my mum every day that being a grandmother is so much better than being a mum.

‘So now my mum’s on our case. “Hurry up and make it happen, I want to be a nan.” I think we’ve got another year or two of her nagging and we’ll just have to do it.

The Wrights have big plans for Michelle Keegan


‘When she gives birth, there will be 300 Wrights around her.’

Blimmin’ ‘eck. Let’s hope Michelle’s prepared…