People Are Really Confused By Mark Wright’s Interview With Hugh Grant

By Naomi Bartram

From the editors of CelebsNow

Ever since Mark Wright hit the bright lights of LA, he’s been living the American dream mingling with the likes of Mariah Carey, Helen Mirren and Kim Kardashian (to name a few).

So it’s easy to forget that the 30-year-old actually shot to fame as a tight T-shirt wearing Essex lad from TOWIE.

And it seems like even Mark himself is having trouble remembering where he’s from after landing his job in America, after he made a bit of a blunder during an interview with acting legend, Hugh Grant.

Sharing a clip on his Instagram page, the presenter can be seen having a chat with fellow-Brit Hugh about his new movie Paddington 2.

But Mark confused his 1.4million followers when he started a conversation about their contrasting regional accents.

‘Now Hugh, I’m from London too’, he declared to the actor. Err… what?!

He continued: ‘But we kind of speak a little different. People from my neck of the woods would say you speak like a roya compared to me, right?’

To which the Love Actually star joked: ‘Yeah, you’re riff-raff. It’s nice of me to talk to you at all really.’

Mark Wright, Sam Faiers and Amy Childs

Mark Wright rose to fame on TOWIE

And fans couldn’t wait to call Mark out on his remark, as one commented: ‘YOU ARE NOT A LONDONER, YOU ARE NOT FROM LONDON!!!!!’

Another asked: ‘I thought you were from Essex?’ while a third added: ‘Essex isnt in London! [sic]’

Meanwhile, some followers were more confused by the I’m A Celeb star’s sudden change of accent, with many claiming he’s putting on a ‘posh’ voice.

‘Not so much an Essex boy these days… Mark that posh accent has to go why when people go America do they choose to talk completely different… bring out your inner riff raff…’ remarked one.

And directing a message at Mark’s wife Michelle Keegan, a second wrote: ‘His voice change is awful he’s from Essex @michkeegan have a word with your husband’. AWKS!

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan married in May 2015

Mark has recently spoken out about trying to change his accent while working in the States, telling The Telegraph: ‘I decided to have elocution lessons, there’s no denying it.

‘They were to speak more clearly, slowly, and less regional. It’s easy for us to understand different American accents because we grew up watching American cartoons and movies, but they find the UK accent hard.’

Well, it’s definitely working – although Mark might have a way to go before he sounds like Hugh Grant.