Mark Wright Admits What He *Doesn’t* Like About His Body

We all know that Mark Wright is a big gym lover.

The 29-year-old often posts Instagram videos of himself pumping iron. In fact, we even saw him working out earlier today.

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Mark Wright shared a video from the gym earlier today


He’d captioned the clip of himself training on the machines: ‘500 calories burned from interval running. Always under 20 mins. You will start burning muscle after that time.’

But despite his intense exercise regime, Mark’s admitted that there’s still something about his body he’s not particularly keen on.

Mark Wright often shares gym snaps


He says: ‘I don’t mind my arms and legs but hate my core section, mainly my abs.’

Um. We’re not sure where you’re looking, Mark, because they’re looking pretty good to us…

For some reason, Mark Wright *doesn’t* like these abs


However, he does have a great message for body confidence. He continues: ‘Be yourself and be happy. Whatever you’re happy with, don’t let anyone else tell you what you should and shouldn’t be happy with.’

So how does Mark ensure he stays in shape? Well, he reveals: ‘I go to the gym three times a week and eat a good diet.

‘I’ve crashed dieted quite a few times, but now I keep it quite balanced.’

Mark Wright is married to actress Michelle Keegan


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And when it comes to what he and wife Michelle Keegan eat, he says there will always be eggs, chicken, sugar-free Red Bull, still water and orange juice in their fridge.

Mark Wright is a big dog lover


It seems heading to the gym isn’t the only exercise Mark’s into. He also enjoys going for walks with his family and their dogs.

The ex-TOWIE star adds: ‘We go for lots of walks. So we get all the family, my mum, brother, sister and we go for a forest walk. Sometimes we’ll jog but they’re not the fittest of dogs.’

Lolz, adorable. Mark is working with Drontal And Advantage to celebrate the bond between pets and their owners. To find out more visit the website here.