Mark Wright’s Been Receiving Death Threats After Danny Dyer ‘Fight’

The 29-year-old's Instagram page has been targeted...

Things may have gone quiet on the Mark Wright vs Danny Dyer front, but things are still rumbling on between their fans.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of days, you’ll know that things allegedly kicked off between the pair at V Festival on Saturday.

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Joanne Mas and Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer was celebrating a joint hen and stag do with fiancée Joanne Mas at V Festival

According to Now, they ‘screamed’ at each other in a backstage alleyway after Justin Bieber’s headline set.

An eyewitness said: ‘Danny saw Mark and started shouting: “Mark Wright you c***! Mark Wright you t***.”

‘It was all kicking off. Mark was pushed against a wall and was shouting back at him, shouting: “Shut your f****** face.”

Mark Wright at V Festival

‘One of Mark’s friends managed to break things up after punches were thrown and they took Mark away into the Mahiki VIP area.’

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Mark, 29, later Tweeted: ‘Seen some stories online today about v festival. I would like to confirm that I personally wasn’t involved in any physical confrontation.’

After that, 39-year-old Danny responded: ‘No.True. Where was ya?? Do you wanna declare who ya snakey 2 Bob mates are?? Especially the 1 squaring up to my Dani [sic].’

Dani – Danny’s 20-year-old daughter – has also given her account of the altercation, admitting that she called Mark names but claiming that she did this because his friends had ‘barged past’ her dad.

Hmm. It’s all pretty confusing, isn’t it?

However, some of Danny’s followers think they’ve got the situation sussed – and they are not being kind to Mark.

When the ex-TOWIE star shared a photo of a sunny view yesterday, we doubt he expected to get death threats.

Jeez, today is a scorcher !!

A photo posted by Mark Wright (@wrighty_) on

The image had been captioned: ‘Jeez, today is a scorcher !! [sic].’ So basically, nothing to do with Danny or V.

But this didn’t stop people from calling him names, including ‘prize t***,’ and ‘scumbag’, with one particularly harsh comment reading: ‘Ain’t u f****** killed yourself yet? Why are you still alive?’

mark wright

Mark Wright says he ‘personally wasn’t involved in any physical confrontation’

Now, let’s make this clear. Death threats are NEVER okay, no matter how you feel about a person.

We think we should let Mark and Danny sort this one out between themselves, don’t you?