Mark Wright: ‘Michelle Keegan Made Me Cry’

For anyone doubting Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan‘s marriage, you need to read this.

As you’re probably aware, Michelle, 28, recently returned to the couple’s Essex home after a lengthy stint filming BBC Army drama Our Girl in South Africa.

While she was away, she was snapped without her wedding ring on. And of course, this got the rumour mill going.

> Michelle Keegan was pictured without her wedding ring on in South Africa. Photo: Twitter/Mark Armstrong


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The jewel’s absence was later explained, with a source telling The Sun: ‘Michelle left her wedding ring at home in her safe because she was scared of losing it while filming.’

And she and Mark certainly made one gorgeous couple when they arrived on the red carpet together for the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday night.

> Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright arrived at the BAFTA TV Awards together


However, Mich’s lack of diamond wasn’t the only thing that got people talking. Last month, Mark, 29, jetted to SA with his parents to visit his wife while she was working.

While away, he posted plenty of Instagram snaps of the stunning scenery and his family. But there was one person was noticeably absent from his snaps… Michelle.

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> Mark Wright didn’t share any photos of Michelle Keegan in South Africa



Now, we’re pretty sure there was a good reason reason for this. We mean, we imagine Michelle would have been incredibly busy on set.

And it’s clear that Mark definitely did get to catch up with his other half. In fact, he even managed to catch a glimpse of her shooting.

> Michelle Keegan has been very busy with her new project


Adorably, Mark ending up getting choked up as he watched ex-Coronation Street actress Mich get into character as Corporal Georgie Lane.

He tells new!: ‘Well, you move up, and this is her moving up. Coronation Street will always be in her and her family’s heart.

> Michelle Keegan started her career as Coronation Street’s Tina McIntyre


‘When I looked on and saw her and everyone around her, it made me emotional, it just made me cry – I’m proud of her.’

Aw. What a cutie.