Mark Wright’s Time On Celebrity Juice Got A Little Bit Awkward

The former TOWIE star was presented with a special gift...

By Anna Francis

From the editors of CelebsNow

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have been forced to spend a lot of time apart thanks to their busy work schedules in recent years.

That probably explains why, during a recent appearance on Celebrity Juice, Mark was cheekily gifted an iPad holder complete with a sex toy attached to it to, erm, spice up FaceTime sessions with his other half.

Keith Lemon presented the 31-year-old with the X-rated present after asking about how he keeps in touch with Michelle.

‘So how is it with lovely Michelle Keegan?’ the presenter enquired.

‘When she’s working you FaceTime a lot don’t you, that’s what I’ve heard her say, “Oh we FaceTime.”’

When Mark – who works in the US as a presenter on entertainment show Extra – confirms that the couple do indeed use this, Keith explained: ‘Because we’re pals, what I’ve done is got you a gift because I’ve not seen you for a while, it’s for you and Michelle actually.

‘So when you FaceTime I mean you can just feel a bit closer.’

Keith then unveiled the iPad holder which featured a contraption to, um, simulate female genitalia at the base.

Mark burst out laughing whilst team captain Holly Willoughby couldn’t help but say: ‘Is that an actual thing?’

And rather than being a bit weirded out by the intimate present, Mark actually seemed totally chuffed with it. LOL.

‘I need that, ASAP. Perfect, I want it. I actually want it. Thank you so much,’ the former TOWIE star said.

Meanwhile team captain Fearne Cotton tried to put her finger in a certain place on the contraption (you can guess where) and bluntly remarked: ‘So sweet isn’t it, it’s a very wobbly vagina.’