Mark Wright Gives His Opinion On CBB’s Stephen Bear

The former TOWIE star has *plenty* to say about the controversial Celebrity Big Brother star...

If you’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother this year, you’ll know that Stephen Bear is hands down one of the most controversial housemates of the series.

He’s famous for being a total wind-up, and has already found himself embroiled in arguments with pretty much ever housemate – Renee, Aubrey (who spat in his tea) and Heavy D to name but a few.

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stephen bear big brother

Bear has been one of the most controversial housemates of this series…

Even Lewis Bloor, who struck up a close friendship with Bear, admitted that he’s growing a little tired of his antics, saying on last night’s show that he doesn’t feel like Bear had his back, and that he might be distancing himself from him. Eep.

And viewers at home have been just as opinionated about the Ex On The Beach star, with tonnes of celebrities weighing in on whether or not he’s hugely entertaining, or seriously annoying.

bear celebrity big brother

Mark has called Bear ‘entertaining viewing’

In fact, Mark Wright is the latest to wade in on the debate, and took to Twitter to share his views on Bear this week.

‘Ok I’d find it hard to live with him. But oh my, Bear is funny. It’s an entertainment show after all. He’s making this entertaining viewing’.

However, many didn’t agree with Mark. One replied: ‘Setting a great example tho isn’t he, cheating on girlfriends, throwing objects. Just a lovely bloke.’

‘Entertaining viewing? Would have rather have all my fingernails pulled off one by one….very slowly!’ slammed another.

Well, there’s no denying he’s divisive…