Mark Wright Says He Didn’t ‘Disrespect’ Michelle

Mark Wright has spoken out about that saucy bath selfie that caused ALL the drama on Instagram.

The former TOWIE star was accused of being ‘disrespectful’ to wife Michelle Keegan after posting two photos – one of his legs in the bath, with the caption: ‘No better feeling !! Well I can think of one……. ;).’

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And then by sharing a topless mirror selfie that showed him dripping in soap suds, abs bared.

At the time, comments included: ‘Mark put your body away your married and being disrespectful to your wife!!! I would be fuming,’ and: ‘Oh dear. Wouldn’t be happy with my hubby posting this but good luck to you.’

However, the married man has now spoken out, and he has zero regrets about his saucy social media snaps.



When asked if Michelle was upset at the pictures, Mark told Star magazine: ‘It’s a silly question. I mean, why would she be? Seriously?’

The presenter went on to say that he didn’t see anything wrong with his semi-nude selfies, and didn’t get what the fuss was about. ‘People have seen me on the beach before with my top off’, he explained.

As for those who branded him ‘disrespectful’, Mark said, diplomatically: ‘If people want to think that, well, each to their own. People need to lighten up.’

Well, that’s them told then! If Mich is fine with them, then so are we.