Why Are People Calling Mark Wright ‘Disrespectful’?

If you follow Mark Wright on Instagram, you’ll know that he’s been on quite a posting spree recently.

While his wife Michelle Keegan is away working in South Africa, the 29-year-old has shared plenty of snaps of himself enjoying life back in the UK.

But Mark’s latest couple of photos have garnered a little more attention than the others – and not in a particularly good way. Eek.

Mark Wright shared his evening bath with us last night


The ex-TOWIE star took to the site last night to post two snaps of himself, er, soaking in a bath. 

In the first shot, Mark showed us a glimpse of his legs in the water, captioning it: ‘No better feeling !! Well I can think of one……. ;).’

Crikey. His next upload was a topless mirror selfie.

And then there was this selfie…


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He was yet to wash the suds off his body, writing: ‘Gotta love bubbles !! Right get me out now I’m sweating !! Always sweat in a bath so how can it be clean ?

‘Straight to the cold shower I go !!’

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan married in May 2015


While plenty of fans showed their appreciation for the saucy pictures, others weren’t quite so sure. He was even accused of being ‘disrespectful’ to Michelle, 28.

Comments included: ‘Mark put your body away your married and being disrespectful to your wife!!! I would be fuming,’ and: ‘Oh dear. Wouldn’t be happy with my hubby posting this but good luck to you.’

Michelle Keegan is currently filming Our Girl in South Africa


Um. A little over the top, no? Maybe he’d already sent them over to Mich in SA?!

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Luckily for Mark, a number of his followers stood up for him.


One said: ‘Oh my! Who cares where his wife is! You people sound like old prudish grannies! Not exactly like he has his penis out!! You’d see the same on a beach!!’

Another added: ‘Why is this disrespectful to his wife? Perhaps his wife’s not insecure. I mean why would she be? #haveyouseenher #hottestcoupleever.’

Yep. We’ve gotta agree with that one.