Why Mark From Match.Com Is Seriously Unpopular…

Mark from Match.com is probably seriously regretting posing for one of their adverts right now.

In the most hilarious thing to go viral this weekend, Mark from Match.com has been receiving a flurry of abuse thanks to a new billboard poster planted around London.

You see, the popular dating site is all about people celebrating their imperfections right now, which is why they chose Mark, who apparently is a little lax on his commuting skills.

Below the photo of Mark reads the message: ‘Mark never has his travelcard ready #LoveYourImperfections’.

Unfortunately, thought, it seems that London cannot love Mark’s imperfection. In fact, they kind of hate him right now. 

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> Twitter users were outraged at Mark’s confession…


‘Mark is going to be single for a very looooong time #match.com’, tweeted one commuter after sharing a snap if the tongue in cheek billboard.

‘Mark can burn in hell. Alone and single’, commented another. 

And it went on.

‘Sorry Mark & match.com but this is NOT a loveable imperfection. It’s inconsiderate. Sort it out Mark’, another user slammed.

We understand. There’s nothing worse than being in a rush and getting stuck behind someone faffing about trying to find their Oyster card RIGHT infront of the barriers. Not okay, Mark.

At least Mark had one supporter, though. ‘Seeing all the hate for #Mark #match.com and thinks Mark needs to move north to meet some nicer people’, one Twitter user wrote.

See, Mark? It’s not all bad.