Mark Foster Has Revealed The *Truth* About Romance With Rebecca Adlington

So, are the Olympic presenters together then? Mark Foster has revealed his true feelings for Rebecca Adlington...

It’s been the subject of much Olympic debate.

And no, we’re not on about the widely speculated green swimming pool…

Instead, we’re referring to the possibility of a budding romance between Olympic co-presenters Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster…

Day 1 in Rio! Pool is looking good ?? @teamgb

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Yep, we’d had it all planned. They were going to have a swimming pool wedding and athletic Olympiad babies who could swim for miles and it was all going to be amazing.

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So, earlier this week, people were near enough loosing their minds over what appeared to be Rebecca stroking Mark’s thigh under the table whilst live on air.

Was this the public announcement of their relationship? An absent minded brush of the thigh? Or just A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING?!

When fellow presenter Helen Skelton shared a snap of all three presenters with the caption ‘#thirdwheel’, people (very understandably) near-enough lost their minds…

And, as the pair continued to seemingly fall in love live on TV (side note: still searching for someone to look at us the way Becky looks at Mark), social media had a lot to say about the levels of apparent flirtation….

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One Twitter user shared, ‘Rebecca Adlington is looking at Mark Foster the way I look at Nutella…pure love’.



We were excited. You were excited. *Everyone* was excited.

Sadly, it appears all our excitement may have been in vain- as Mark Foster has taken to his column for Evening Standard to share what is *really* happening between the pair… Which is, er, nothing.

Mark writes, ‘It’s been funny the attention we’ve been getting at the BBC with people remarking on Becky touching my leg…But the reality is that Becky does that simply to get my attention either when she has something to say or else she wants me to butt in’.

The Olympic gold medalist then added that after Adam Peaty’s victory yesterday he had ‘joked to camera when Becky was crying after Adam’s win that it was because I’d just proposed to her! Anyway, it’s just a bit of fun’.

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. We’re severely disappointed too.

Alice Perry