Mario Falcone Reveals The Results Of His Nose Job On This Morning

The ex-TOWIE star admits that online trolls led him to undergo surgery...

Mario Falcone has opened up about his decision to have a nose job.

The ex-TOWIE star, 28, underwent the procedure in September, after being cruelly trolled for years about its shape.

Now he’s appeared on This Morning to unveil the results, telling viewers: ‘I’m really happy. I didn’t wanna change the size. I’m Italian. I wanted to keep my Italian heritage and I’m proud of that.

Mario Falcone

‘I just wanted a tweak. I broke it when I was 11 playing football, so it’s always been wide at the top.

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‘I had a consultation and I explained exactly what my problem was. The doctor agreed that I don’t need anything drastic… He had a computer showing me sort of what it would look like.

‘I used to hate taking selfies. The angles are always wrong, and the lighting. I used to hate taking pictures.’

Mario Falcone

Mario admitted that his stint on TOWIE made him more self-conscious, continuing: ‘Arg and Diags, we had a bit of a disagreement and they said something about my nose. But they’re not malicious.’

Hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford then showed a clip of the pair telling Mario that he was ‘sticking his big nose into their business.’

Mario responded: It’s a long time ago. It wasn’t very nice, it just kept getting brought up.

Mario Falcone

Mario Falcone was shown a clip of TOWIE

‘I thought there must be something wrong with my nose for them to keep talking about it. There were two Twitter accounts, one called Mario’s Nose. They had more followers than me as well.’

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Mario’s former co-star Ferne McCann – who’s now This Morning‘s showbiz reporter – had joined him on the sofa, recounting her own nose job back in August.

Mario Falcone and Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann joined Mario Falcone on the sofa

She admitted that she was surprised by Mario’s surgery, telling him: ‘My friend saw you walking your dog and saw you with the plaster on. I was so shocked.’

Ferne, 26, then reiterated: ‘I was shocked with Mario, because I thought he was handsome. He’s even more handsome now.’

While we thought Mario was just as hot before, we think it’s great that he’s feeling more confident about himself.