Marina Diamandis Talks About Hair Loss For First Time

Marina Diamandis has opened up for the first time about the moment she realised that her hair was falling out. The Marina And The Diamonds frontwoman had a bad experience with a hair salon in LA in November, which resulted in a large amount of her hair coming out. She’s been wearing a wig ever since.

Talking to The Sun, she said: “It literally fell out. I went to this hairdresser in LA before a shoot, and she just f**ked it up. She was blowdrying my hair and said, ‘You’ve got a bit of breakage at the back’. I looked around and a lot had just snapped off at two inches. A week later I had it all cut really short.”

She added: “I bought a wig and painted the roots black and wore a ribbon over it, so it looked natural. And the ribbon became part of my look. I wore the wig for nine months. Nobody knew… It’s only now that my hair is long enough to look natural. Wigs are fun, but I never felt beautiful in a wig.”

We still think she looked beautiful, and would never have guessed! We heart you, Marina… RM