Mariah’s Carey’s Biggest Diva Moments

She’s known for a huge list of diva demands and the odd tantrum every now and then. But hey, if anyone can get away from it, it’s Mariah! So to mark the release of her new album #1 To Infinity that has all her top hits on it, as well as her new single, we’ve rounded up the biggest and best moments from the super star. So remember, next time you need to throw some shade or someone’s totally hogging YOUR light, just harness your inner Mariah. We’ve all got one!


1, Nobody Sings Over Mimi

Stealing the show from Mariah? Big mistake gurrrlll. In 2008 the singer was performing on Good Morning America, and one of her backing singers got a little carried away. And yep, she made the biggest career blunder of her life and sang OVER Mariah. How did Mariah respond? She simply sang “stop singing my part now baby” as if it was part of the song… That’s called being owned by a super star.


2, A Very Grand Welcome

Any children of Mariah’s are going to get the same rapturous applause as she. During an interview with Barbara Walters in 2011, Mariah admitted that she demanded a live version of her hit ‘Fantasy’ to play whilst in labour – we’re not sure if it’s better than gas and air but Mariah is Mariah after all. Her reasons behind this decision? She wanted the twins “to hear the applause as they entered into the world.”

3, Only The Best

When signing autographs in Selfridges department store, Mariah Carey allegedly demanded a £50,000 antique table, covered in a 100% silk table cloth to scribble upon, flown in from New York. She sat on a £1000 throne (but, of course) and was surrounded by roses and butterflies. It may sound bizarre but be honest, if you showed up to meet Mariah and she wasn’t on a throne, you’d be demanding one for her too!

4, A Shoe Collection To Rival Carrie Bradshaw’s

It’s rumoured that when on tour Mariah has to have, at least, 100 pairs of shoes with her. On top of that, her entourage is set to be 15 strong, including bodyguards, stylists as well as her publicists and managers. It’s also been reported that she once stayed at a London hotel and refused to leave her car until a red carpet lined with white candles had been rolled out. Did the hotel say no? Of course they didn’t – Mariah was paying £15,000 a night for 15 rooms – which is just small change for Mariah, who’s said to be worth a whopping £125 million.


5, Hotting Things Up

Mariah’s said to like things a bit steamy in the bedroom. And no, not the way you think – it’s all in an effort to preserve that incredible voice of hers. She told V Magazine, “I’ll have 20 humidifiers around the bed. Basically, it’s like sleeping in a steam room. The bed is all terry-cloth, the ceiling is pitched so the water can’t fall on my head, and it drips down to my side, and the TV is behind glass.” Well, whatever is needed so she can keep belting out those hits.

Please, never change Mariah. We love you!