Margot Robbie Won’t Let Critics Bring Her And Husband Tom Ackerley Down

It’s been a tricky few weeks for Margot and Tom, but we hear they’re determined to prove the haters wrong...

Who doesn’t love Margot Robbie? Impossibly talented? Check. Funny as hell? Check. Down to earth? Check.

And now the actress has just bagged her very first Oscar nomination for Best Actress in I, Tonya. We are 100% Team Margot. Sorry, Meryl.

But while things are going swimmingly for the star on a professional level, insiders have revealed that there’s
an undercurrent of drama set to hit the 27 year old, as her relationship with husband Tom Ackerley, 28, is causing problems.

‘Margot and Tom are having a tough time with all the haters,’ explains a source. ‘The critics think he’s bitten
off more than he can chew in Hollywood. Basically, there’s a view within certain circles that she’s outgrown him, professionally at least.’

The two met in 2013 on the set of Suite Française, on which he was the assistant director and she played Celine. They lived in a house share in Clapham, London (savvy, right?), and wed in secret in Byron Bay, close to Aussie Margot’s hometown, in December 2016.

‘It’s good [that we work on films together],’ she said recently. ‘The hard thing about this industry is that you’re often in different places working, so to actually be working on the same job means that we actually got to hang out for months.’

Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie married Tom Ackerley in 2016

However, some film insiders believe, especially those in Margot’s team, that the couple’s choice to work like this means the actress is being held back from more daring roles. Not gonna lie, this seems pretty unfair – considering mega-talented Tom produced I, Tonya and there’s the little matter of that Oscar nomination, which makes it a bit ridiculous.

We’re told Margot knows what some casting directors think and she’s determined to make sure they go the distance and prove everyone wrong.

‘It’s totally unfair as Tom is really talented,’ says a friend. ‘They were on the verge of leaving Hollywood before this movie – Margot spoke about an eventual move back to Oz, but they’ve decided to ride the career wave for a bit and prove the naysayers wrong.’

Pfft, anyone who criticises Margot is not a friend of ours!

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