Emma González Made A Poignant Speech At The March For Our Lives

As celebrities such as Kim Kardashian lent support for the movement...

Over the weekend, thousands of people took to the streets of Washington D.C for the March For Our Lives; an anti-gun demonstration that was organised by the students who survived the Parkland school shooting back in February.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande took part in the monumental movement, with many of them mirroring their support on social media.

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been very vocal about her feelings on gun control in the past, having used her reality TV platform to speak out and publicise the issue. The mum-of-three has also worked closely with organisations such as Everytown, a movement that campaigns against gun violence and works to lobby lawmakers in the United States.

It’s hardly surprising then that Kim decided to stand up in support of the 24th March demonstration – and she even took her daughter North West, 4, and her husband Kanye along for the ride.

‘What an amazing day yesterday to take my daughter to Washington DC to see our future leaders speak. Having my daughter march along-side her grandfather and parents was a day I hope she remembers forever,’ the 37-year-old posted on Twitter.

‘The younger generation will vote to change these gun laws that so desperately need to be changed. Hearing these stories yesterday & meeting so many families affected by gun violence was heart breaking. I hope when it comes time to vote we all step up &vote to protect our children [sic],’ she continued.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school student Emma González, who made headlines for calling-out President Trump in the days that followed the Florida shooting, was one of those to have made an impassioned speech at the March For Our Lives.

‘In a little over six minutes, 17 of our friends were taken from us, 15 more were injured, and everyone — absolutely everyone in the Douglas community — was forever altered,’ González told the crowd. ‘Everyone who was there understands. Everyone who has been touched by the cold grip of gun violence understands.’

After speaking for a little while longer, the 18-year-old fell silent as she timed how long it took for the gunman to kill her classmates.

She finished: ‘Since the time that I came out here, it has been six minutes and 20 seconds. The shooter has ceased shooting and will soon abandon his rifle, blend in with the students as they escape, and walk free for an hour before arrest.’

‘Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job,’ she finished.